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Man On Trial For Gay Handshake

A 39-year-old United Arab Emirates fireman is on trial for allegedly giving his colleague a gay handshake.  According to 7 Days In Dubai, the "Dubai Court of Misdemeanours was told the defendant stroked the alleged victim’s palm with his middle finger as the pair were shaking hands" in an effort to imply that the plaintiff was gay.

Escandalo! We had no idea this was the gay handshake!! 

The 30-year-old alleged victim of the homosexual handshake was insulted by the insinuation that he was gay, though the defendant denies ever shaking his hand in a gay way. (Yes, we realize how Onion-esque this all sounds.)

7 Days In Dubai writes: 

Prosecutors said that the defendant was known to mock and insult the 30-year-old complainant in front of colleagues at the station where they worked for Dubai Civil Defence.

The complainant said: “He always said in front of others that I’m gay. One day he shook my hand in a perverted way by rubbing his middle finger on my palm while shaking hands.”

The man said that he had complained to his boss. An internal investigation was carried out and the defendant was given a warning. However, the man said he felt this was not harsh enough, so he complained to police.

The defendant says,  “He doesn’t have any evidence against me. He and other men were transferred to other stations and they didn’t like it so they complained about me.

“I never gave him a perverted handshake.” 

Well, we're not sure what will ultimately come of this. It's technically illegal to be gay in the UAE, so we understand the fear behind the alleged implications. 

That said, at least we've learned a new greeting??

What's your version of the gay handshake, Instincters?


Image Source (H/T: Gay Star News)


This is not funny at all. The fact is this country gets away with criminalizing same sex attractions while the whole world spends their dollars, yens, and euros in their hotels, malls, and entertainment venues. You don't hear celebrities promising not to perform in Dubai like they used to for Sun City during Apartheid. Shame on us all. 

Don't get me started, Instinct.

I learned about that handshake in the early '90's in Atlanta.


And this is a great example of how petty shallow and idiotic people in the world are today. Above all else let's sue someone for rubbing their finger in a palm and ignore the wars the starvation the economies the a stupid lawsuit is what makes news.......pathetic

I love the gay handshake, especially on rough man hands....shiver

That is the gay handshake in Mexico, but used only by heterosexuals on heterosexuals to tease.

The problem here is a balance between gay rights and culture especially in the middle east.


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