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Naked Male Model Transforms Into Superheroes Thanks To Body Paint

For a recent Gift Guide feature that's making the social media rounds today, New Man magazine put a barely dressed (and often naked) male model into the various iconic poses of the most popular comic book superheroes, sporting not Lycra or Spandex body suits, but full body paint. (Something we should look into for our future shoots!)

Which is your favorite shot?

(h/t: NewNowNext)


Is it bad that I wanted to read the article more than having a perv :/


All the superheroes I admired as a little kid have turned into metro-underwear models who are probably afraid of breaking a well-manicured cuticle.  

The depression is complete.

Could you explain how one manages to break a cuticle? <-- Anatomy of a nail.

Great.  Another small minded individual with no sense of what the real world actually entails. 

The Flash

I got to go with Spidey!!!!!!


Spiderman with or without the paint job

Please check your grammar, because you're spelling your/you're all wrong.  There's no excuse when they're spelling all their theres wrong.

Regards nudity, it is possible to have nakedness without it being full, but it would usually be referred to, eg naked eye.  When naked men or "naked male model" is brought into play, then the implication is that the whole male or model is or entirety of the men are naked.

Pics 1 and 2 could be naked.  But I suspect low-riding briefs are out of shot.

The Flash!!

Look at you all gasping for a bit of nudity you should be ashamed of yourselves your all perverted I for one think these body paints are amazingly well done 

It seems there are no nude photos.  Here is the magazine's FAcebook post:

Captain America ... but where's the link to the entire picture?

When they said Naked Male models I thought I would see their whole Body

am i supposed to read the print on the articles? Why scan at such a low resolution?

Yes I agree, don't tease us!!!!!

This should be a Project Runway challenge! 

YOU LIED,....seems your turning into a Republican when you tease us with the word NAKED but then dont show the fact or put out a link....Shame on!

So where are the actual naked shots?  Why tease us and not let us see more?

Naked? Nice try instinct. What is this the 1940's? Oh, right, "Shirtless male model" would get 0 hits. Gotcha.

Oh, you're counting the watches as clothing? The guy is clearly naked in the top pic, asshole. 

Forget pricks like Todd and keep up with the fun posts!

Wow, Jackson. You're way more invested in this than you should be. I say get naked!.....or, just take off your shirt.

Eh, I just hate trolls and call 'em out as I sees 'em.

Yeah.....riiiight. I think Maleficent needs to look in the mirror and ask who's the fairest of them all, cuz I'm pretty sure "asshole" and "prick" make the troll bell ring more than my innocuous comment. Oh and I'm not wearing a shirt, which basically means I'm naked.  

I'm done feeding you. 

Feeding him?  From my angle, you were TROLLING him.


To Cool

Superman, but I'm upset it doesn't even show the body. What the hell is the point?

Artistic quality? I mean, that level of detail in body paint isn't exactly easy.

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