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Is The Internet's Biggest Twerking Phenom Anti-Gay?

Boy Culture did some investigating into the interwebs' twerking superstar, North Carolina State baseball player John Mangum and what he found may take some of the shine off of Mangum's famed bump and grind.

Through a thorough scan of Mangum's Twitter feed, Boy Culture found that--surprise--Mangum throws around "gay" and "faggot" with abandon. 

Examples include this charming Twittter interaction:

Boy Culture also notes of Mangum (an apparent Christian who cites Bible verses in his Twitter bio):

He loves to use the word "gay" as an insult (herehereherehereherehereherehere,herehere) and also seems to disagree with Tyler the Creator that the word "faggot" has no meaning (hereherehere).

With all this evidence that John Mangum isn't necessarily down with the gays--do you care? Does the junk in his trunk hold less appeal?

Why or why not, Instincters?



you know, to tell you the truth it doesn't matter if he's gay or not. I would still pound that cake. Also, if you don't want ppl to look, then don't show. And how does a supposed straight guy learn to twerk like that? My straight friends can't do that,and most of them can dance. And he's an actual catcher, lol, of all things, a catcher.

It's not uncommon for people who are struggling with denial about their sexual orientation, to use slurs to deflect other peoples perception that they are gay.

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I really love too continue too watch gay americans constantly rationalize and excuse homophobia and homophobic words and actions away. Hes not homophobic he didnt mean it that way blah blah blah words have consequences in this world period and people like him only further the intolerance our community already faces hes just as guilty as any other macho heterosexual straight man who uses this kind of shit as " HUMOR" or a desperate attempt too get past their own insecurities revolving their heterosexuality because they feel OFFENDED if someone thinks they are gay. The fact that guys like this take that as an insult or something that grosses them out says it all about this man plain and simple. I kiss no ones ass no matter who they are or what they look like ignorance is wrong and so is discrimination whether a full grown adult jock trying too be the COOL guy making anti gay jokes too either impress or join in with the rest of the archaic cavemen or some immature cocky teenager with anger issues and a lack of education regarding homosexuality it makes no difference too me.

First of all the terms gay and fag in the way John and his generation use them, do not refer to sexual orientation like they used to. Here this might help explain the concept that is so obviously lost on some

​Secondly John isn't gay basking he is using the terms immaturely as an 18 year old does.

Speaking of immature - everybody's responses above? Is it supposed to be acceptable to respond with crude suggestive statements like above? I have plenty homosexual friends and they have much more class than that - gay or straight, male or female - nobody should be talked about that way, I trust this is not a good representation of the LGBT community

Spoiler alert - John Mangum is not homosexual, not that it is anybody's business. He has never harbored any animosity towards the LGBT community but honestly with some of the things I have been seeing this last week I wouldn't blame him if he did.

Nigel Campbell - way to do some "in depth reporting", using out of context tweets from a 17 year old kid to define his views and opinions, stellar work. Maybe next week you can do an extensive analysis of the third grader in Oklahoma who called somebody a butt pirate. Move over Wolf Blitzer

Also what do you mean when you say "an apparent Christian"? Are you implying that John is not a Christian? Is this because he did a dance in a locker room and used the term fag in a couple of tweets?  Yep you nailed it instant devil worshiper, great journalistic instinct. What a pompous and assuming tone you have in your posts. Though subtle, it is very obvious after looking at your work that you have a negative attitude towards Christian men. Way to find ugliness where it doesn't exist and blast it on display so as to perpetuate animosity. People like you are the problem, not people like John Mangum.

Your brother also clearly does not give a damn people like him always go whatever if it offends them thats their problem not mine etc etc....

Shutup you idiot he IS homophobic and people like you are as well thats quite obvious considering you refer to your friends as HOMOSEXUAL FRIENDS instead of gay friends.

Using the terms "gay" and "fag" to refer to something or someone in a negative way is still homophobic; South Park is not the voice of the LGBTQ community. End of story.

Also, your argument would be null and void either way since Mangum enthusiastically ate at Chick-fil-a on August 1st, 2012 to celebrate their CEO's public disdain of marriage equality, as evidenced by this twitter conversation:

So much for "never having harbored any animosity towards the LGBT community", as you so lovingly describe Mr. Mangum in your fourth paragraph.

Also, you appear to be under the impression that Mangum is a 17-year-old. Perhaps you should check your facts; he is currently a sophomore in college.

I agree with a lot of your comments... But the fact is John uses the word Gay to denote something/someone in a negative way. Just like a lot of his generation. That doesn't make it less offensive to the majority of the Gay community. And the word Faggot is definitely meant as an insult. 

Would you be defending an 18 year old who referred the blacks as niggers or Jews by derogatory terms?

I agree with you it is wrong, and I also think there is a distinction between fag and faggot. I think if John was talking to a person who was Gay it would have been very offensive, but he was talking to his sister and friends of his who are not gay. Doesn't make it right but I am pointing out that he was 17 years old when he made some of those comments, I was definitely the same way when I was his age it is ignorance, we grew up in a pretty "old school" environment. So the racial slurs being directed at people of those races would be analogous to calling a Gay person a fag - I don't think that was the case here

I agree with you it is wrong, and I also think there is a distinction between fag and faggot. I think if John was talking to a person who was Gay it would have been very offensive, but he was talking to his sister and friends of his who are not gay. Doesn't make it right but I am pointing out that he was 17 years old when he made some of those comments, I was definitely the same way when I was his age it is ignorance, we grew up in a pretty "old school" environment. So the racial slurs being directed at people of those races would be analogous to calling a Gay person a fag - I don't think that was the case here

I'm glad you understand my point of view Josh. I'm sure john isn't homophobic. Just using the terminology of his peers. I have nephews and nieces who use the term Gay in a negative way. Not in my presence however. 

I'm sure John didn't realise the fuss he would cause when he allowed someone to film him dancing around the locker room half naked. And the letting said person post it on the net. I'll  wager he'll think twice before he does the same thing. Even here in England people are talking about him. What to John was a harmless bit of fun has turned into a monster. I don't think he deserves to be vilified for some thoughtless remarks posted to friends. But this should be a lesson for him to think about what he says and does on social networking sites as these things can have a habit of coming back to haunt you. 

a person's age and their immaturity is no excuse in excusing logic that excuses hate. i feel a person has the right to say what ever you want in the comforts of your home or other private settings. any use of the word queer, fag or faggot and the likes there of plus using the word gay to mean anything other than happy should not be tolerated in a public platform. period. the end. the other thing i find funny about your reply is that you think that devil worshiping is the only alternative to being christian. and why should the outraged behavior in response to Mangum's homophobia excuse what ever animosity he might have for the LGTB community but when its turned around why is our animosity not excusable by the outragous behavior of christians towards the LGTB community. hypocrite. jerk.

You missed the entire point. My point was that the comments were not meant in a hateful way towards gays, it is a term that is used too losely by that age group and I agree with you it shouldn't be used. Also my brother was not in the "public eye" before this past week, I am sure he will be much more concious of that fact going forward. Bashing and insulting somebody who showed no animosity towards you - that is hate. 

As far as your "outraged behavior" comment - that is plain ignorant. If you want to justify the comments like that, then your argument is conflicting it can only be one way. Using your own argument - "using the word gay to mean anything other than happy should not be tolerated in a public platform. period" which is an absolute statement correct? but then there are times when people can be disrespectful, crude, and degrading whenever they feel justified? if this is what makes you outraged you are in a good spot, there are a lot of bad things going on in the world.

Tertiary - in response to the devil worshiping comment. Apparently the use of satirical hyperbole was lost on you I appologize. I was trying to prove a point using exaduration to illustrate the off based assesment. The point was that his religious beliefs had nothing to do with anything, and are non of the writer or anybody's business. It is a fallacy of composition to assert that somebody who uses the word fag is not a christian, we are all sinners but Chrisitians believe we can be forgiven. Don't be bash my brother for being Chrisitan is all I am saying, otherwise you discredit you points

exaduration 0.o really?

the point has been made that the language used by your brother can not be and in no way will be excusable and that he will only be able to learn from his mistake. facebook, twitter, google+ and every other networking site is the public domain. whether your friends or followers are 10, 10,000 or 10,000,000. every single comment, post and picture can be found by anybody with internet access. 

okay that being said... so now here's this situation. your brother(who was completely unknown to the worlld at large) has a video has go viral. now the world knows who John Mangum is. or at least we know what we can find on the internet and twitter has shown us that John Magnum is a person who's comments are not being received well by the LGBT community and some people are vocalizing it. you can't get upset with that. or at least you shouldn't be surprised. 

the article was not bashing your brother for being a christian. it was pointing out the fact that your brother has not been acting like a christian or rather not behaving like what christianity imposes upon its believers to behave like. big difference. to sin is not christian, to sin is human. not sinning in the the name of Christ is christian. and because of Christ there is a loop hole for when those do sin. mercy can be given to the repentant. i'd like to go a step further and say if you dont act like a christian then you are not a christian.


Defending someone for using "word/s" that is seen as derogatory, especially from the LGBT community, I get it, fine. Totally understandable. Perhaps stating that (well, since he's your brother after all), using such term/s is/are inexcusable, hopefully he will learn, or has learned from it, is much better than telling forums that (at least this is how I understood it), John used it, deal with it, John was not wrong--type of message is open for debate. Therefore, you get your mass of responses. I see John has used the words and yes it is something that should be highly noted chiefly in social media, but it's been done. I'm just hoping lesson is learned here (and I mean by John) and it should of ended there. That's it.

P.S. I agree with some of the posts, just enjoy his twerking. If is a homophobe, well, we can't take that, but hopefully he isn't.

Josh, please try to realize that most people that comment on posts like these are just trolling and trying to get a response, it's not worth getting worked up about.  I think some people have voiced valid concerns/responses, but other responses are outright ridiculous.  I think that unfortunately people often rattle off offensive racist/sexist/homophobic comments without thinking of any repercussions at all.  I don't buy into the whole "this generation says the word gay without it having anything to do with homosexuality" thing, as that's what my generation said as well (I'm 31) and the reality is that even if you are not talking to/about a gay person, you are reinforcing that gay is negative, and "less than" and in most cases saying that someone is not masculine, they are "bitch" etc...  So, whether or not you intend it to be about homosexuality, it is, and it's ignorant to think it's not.  That being said, do I think your brother is homophobic?  Who knows?  I certainly don't think his tweets are enough to warrant him a homophobe, or a bigot, but the reality is that none of us really know him at all.  If you were to scroll through anyone that commented on this posts facebook/twitter/emails from the last 5-10 years I'm fairly certain most of us have said things that would get us in trouble with some group, so chill.  This kid isn't a celebrity, he is/was just a jock with a hot ass that can twerk.   Do I think he was wrong?  Yes.  Do I think that someone should (probably already has) talked to him about his use of language?  Yes.  Do I think everyone should relax and get back to enjoying watching him shake his ass?  Absolutely.  lol

that is a fair assessment, the reason I am getting over excited is that it is starting to effect him in a negative way with his school and he does not deserve it. I do believe there are times he used the phrase in a bad way, but none of the examples were directly hateful and homophobic - they were insensitive, but not hateful. Either way this was a learning experience for him and he is much more concious of how these kind of comments can be viewed by others. He definitely does not want to be a celebrity, I think that is obvious since he is the only person NOT talking about it!

Thanks for making a level headed objective reply Joey I agree with the majority of what you said

I think you are missing the point. It doesn't matter if the words were meant as homophobic. Using the words in a negative context towards someone, as if they are stupid, is equating those words with negative things. That is what is hurtful. If I started to call people "John Magnum" whenever they did something stupid or uncool, I wasn't meaning to hurt John directly, I was just using the term to call whomever stupid. As a joke. Can you now see how by using the term in a negative way, even if it is not directly intended to hurt someone that is gay, still hurts someone?

Justifying the use of the words as general, or what people in his generation just do is a horrible reason. Each person is an individual, and change starts with each person. The more you continue to use those words in a negative context, the more people will think it is okay, and enables others to continue using those words.

Thanks for that. But Instinct is a money making device and it produces what sells not really what is real.

I wonder if he knows he shares his name with a gay porn performer? 

I see it like this the photos show he has to be a hot bottom boy with a small penis like his woman and many gay men wouldn't want him for a top !!!! O.o

Well, he can be anti-gay all he wants, but I would like to show how wonderful the gay world is by tapping that ass.

Show HIM

I've been everywhere, including serving proudly in the Marines; I can tell you no straight boy moves his ass like that!

@Bizkwit, like agree! I'd fuck him like a porn star! I love a big booty white boy, lol

I have NEVER in my 52 years seen a so called STRAIGHT man worj his ass like that for other men?

He's just a silly boy.... Quite happy with the attention when it first started. But probably been teased by the guys in his small town. So now he's got to prove he's not gay himself.

I wonder if he's met The Lion And The Witch, while he's been the Wardrobe?!?

He's good for a fuck and not much else.  At least he looks like he can ride it all night long!

No brainer, who wants to have a conversation, he is only good for a fuck, that's it.

Nobody wants him for his mind, they only want him for 15 minutes.  He can say whatever he wants because it's obviously not going to be an intellectual debate worth any thought.  :-)

Takes a fag to know a fag. I think John has moved that ass like that before ontop of one of his team mates.

He definitely could change his choice of words but I wouldn't label him as anti-gay until it comes straight out of his mouth.

Don't you mean until you came in his mouth ????

Homophobic men are the most aroused by male-on-male pornography. It's proven scientific fact. So... I don't mind. I'll hold his hand and help him out of the closet...

He is still hot to me.  Having biblical quotes and using "gay" and "faggot" in a negative Spence does not mean that he hates gays.  He could be in the closet and just doing to to fit in.  Yes I know that some perceptional sports players have come out but it don't mean that the sports world isn't homophobic.  Also one part of homophobia is not underacting it or being gay and not accepting it.  The only thing that would change my mind is if i knew him in person.  Most importantly what fully straight guy would twerk like that.

Guys who tease gay men tend to have suppressed emotions themselves....and moving your ass like that only supports the theory 

Lol at the comment above. There's no reason to think there's a lot going in his brain...

I would still fuck him.

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