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Adam Levine To Be Named PEOPLE's 2013 'Sexiest Man Alive'

Those sassy sleuths over at Gossip Cop are exclusively reporting that Adam Levine is about to be named PEOPLE Magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive"!!

We've got no objections.

Gossip Cop writes:

Adam Levine will be announced as “Sexiest Man Alive” by People next week, Gossip Cop has learned exclusively.

The Maroon 5 singer and “The Voice” coach is expected to be unveiled as the magazine’s choice on November 20.

Last year, Gossip Cop was the first to report that Channing Tatum was 2012’s “Sexiest Man Alive,” more than a week before People announced it.


When reached, a rep for People magazine told Gossip Cop, “We’re not commenting on that right now.”

Would Adam be your choice for 2013's "Sexiest Man Alive," Instincters?


He can sleep in my bed anytime or park his shoes under my bed. Sweet, sexy and really down to earth. 

He is hot. However, the sexiest man alive is "True Blood"'s Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse).

He's a JEW  And a Homo

You're a racist and a homo-phobe

He does for me, I'm not disappointed.

Whew! yes he is the sexiest man ever! 

I thought is was supposed to be Leonardo Di Caprio. Not this guy

Hell no!!!

afraid not in my opinion


For  me... Oh yes, he is one of them.

HELL YEAH! He is sooooo hot!!! 


never !!!!!!!

I think to be "sexy" you have to have a bit of ... what the French call, "I don't know what." *smirk*

Think of Tina Turner: she's still definitely sexy (at HER age) but she's not a bit "pretty."

Adam Levine is pretty hot.  I say he's not the PRETTIEST man we know about (that would probably be Chris Hemsworth) but yeah, he's damn sexy.


I think the sweet guy I just met from Taiwan is a lot sexier than Adam Levine. I get to sleep with him tonight too on his last night in America before he flies back. 

Adam is damn sexy!!!!! Bradley Cooper, Chris Hemsworth and Hugh Jackman are also in the running for the sexiest man alive!!

He could sleep in my bed or what ever he wanted he is the sexiest man alive or dead 

I wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating crackers.....  he is pretty hot, but so are Daniel Craig, Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler.  I have a varied taste in men's looks, so glad to not be a judge on this award.

I prefer men without a lot of freckles on there face. Great body, but unfortunately he is not the sexiest man alive...

Nice body, but ... nope !!

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He's good doubt about that. But sexiest man alive? Nope! 


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