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It's ashame but the world is going to repeat history except its another type of hate in the streets .The worst part about it is the the narrow minded heterosexuals who have a problem with Equal rights is going to have thier hands full because people are going under estimate men in women because thier gay/ bi / or transgender in thinking thier weak Wake up ! Gaymen and women are everywhere ,military,Police,emergency ,everywhere the jackasses think we can't  fight , take care of ourselves Wrong in Everyway ,I'm not condoning war in the streets but if something goes down there will be a civil war again ,here in America Again we need to stop the blood shed ,or this time it will be alot worst Remember ladies and gentleman and other Fashionable Freaks every time we do something to our Earth ,our Cities,our states ,it's not just us your screwing but the children after who inherit this earth have to fix our mistakes So let's be smart Stop it now Gay ,Straight,Bisexual ,transsexual,omni sexual ,transgender what ever title your hung up on weather you want to hear it are not ,We are all humans ,We are all Equal and it doesn't matter what anyone else says ! To quote a very Famous beautiful Female Illusionist it's None of my business what other people think of me !And if you don't love yourself how in the hell Are you going to love someone else Rupaul " it's simple love everyone and real everyone despite what you think it takes more then one for the world go round ...Love,Loyality,Honor,Respect one Another its the only right way to live Have A great day ...Mikki Johnson.Aka Morgan Devinne Kennedy- Rayne