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to Henry - August 14, 2013

I invite all to research the things i mention below.  Try a little research before you voice your opinions people.

You're a fool to think that this story states the facts clean and simple.  You are easily lead, you read one article and make judgement based on one story.  You are ignorant by choice.  

Scholars and professors from top universities including Ivy League Universities with business graduate degrees all agree that although boycotts may not be successful in causing financial losses for businesses boycotted...a boycott can very well be effective if the issue is brought to light. since we are talking about it, the media, our President and other governments, ....ummm ...i think it's working, buddy.  Had Stoli (which is produced in Russia..."read" the label and "read" their website (states the facts clean and simple), so, had Stoli not been boycotted then little if any attention would have been brought to Russia's horrible actions against humanity, the lgbt community.

if you choose to be ignorant that's fine.  just keep your ignorant opinions to yourself.  and that goes for the lesbian that wrote was quoted in this article.  Lorri L. Jean should not be working representing an entire community and speak as if she is a representation of an entire group of people.  i say fire her smelly *ss.  (j/k...kinda')