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I very much loved this article...alot of people w o this virus dnt understand the pressures involved w living w it everyday of their lives..the dr appointments the having to take the meds and of course the having to b honest about their status. ive been living w hiv for almost 5 yrs now ive gotten where im quickly upfront about it to others but it still can b difficult choosing the proper time to disclose it. this has me thinking bak to how i got infected. its a messy story..suffice to say I was drugged and made the meat of a party w 2 other guys that I didnt have any intention of having sex w when I went to go hang out w them. they r the villainous type..they dnt care who they give this virus to and what carnage they leave their victims in. im just one of god knows how many theyve both done this 2. so I have to say parker did the right thing..even tho he didnt disclose at first he still took steps to b safe and protect nathan and he still did the right thing and was honest. Ive always said after what happened to me that dear god ik its hard to tell others about this virus when u have it but if u cant tell others then at least just take means to protect your partner. if the 2 that did whatt they did to me w o disclosing at least protected me from this virus I woulda understood in retrospect and been thankful they at least kept me safe. uk this goes deeper and Ik im rambling but it really irks me how the neg community is always so focused on us poz people and they have this huge fear about us giving it to them and freak when we tell them...well what about what they might have? like whens the last time they were tested for anything at all..most ive encountered like that dnt get tested at all. dear god what if they gave us poz guys something else by accident? at least people like parker and I had the courage to get tested and do something responsibly to control this virus and protect others. also when ive been turned down bc of being honest about my status..people will go on to another and just take their word for it that they r clean and thro themselves into unprotected sex and then look down on people like me parker and many others who r honest. so I agree its importantt that yes we do need to take a look at what is really the real criminal activity. thanks aggain for posting this article.