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Gaga was the one that instigated all those dramatic tweets in the first place.  She knew how her crazy fans would react and threaten Perez.  Rihanna, Katy, Britney, Madonna all act with class when it comes to bloggers.  They ignore it, they don't instigate like lunatic Gaga.  I used to be a fan of Gaga but I cannot STAND her and her delusions of grandueur anymore.  She is O-V-E-R and it is obvious how the public feels.  Weird outfits and a childish name and psychotic pimply-faced children as your fan base will only take you so far.  And as for gay rights, that was pure marketing, she copied that right from the page of "How to be successful like Madonna" book.  Madonna is a legend and I'm not even a Madge fan.  Gaga is a sad xerox heading for the recycle and shred bin.