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I typically refrain from getting into this banter, but had to jump in on this fiasco! Gaga "haters" need a mic check. The characterizations are ridiculous, but this is the same pattern, a blueprint, of the music industry and emerging artists. I am old enough to remember the inception of Madonna, and anyone who can relate or those that want to really investigate, look back at the comparison of Madonna to Cher. The majority tagged Madonna as a copy and fad, forecasting her to flop early on. Now look. Fans love to do this: pit on against the other. And we (the fans) are bright enough to know this industry is dripping with jealousy, envy, and secret hope for their competition to fail. 

I am definitely on the outer fringe of the bell curve of Gaga's fan base. In fact, I won't even claim to be a Little Monster, but I am a fan. First, she is a creative genius. She writes ALL her songs. There are FEW musicians that can claim this feat. Phil Collins, Elton John, Mariah Carey, Queen, Kiss, Dolly Parton, Buddy Holly are just a few. But, to write your own music AND have them top of the charts, is an even greater dimension of true musical talent. I play piano and can recognize how truly talented Gaga is. The music, chord progression, vocal arrangements, etc... whether you like her or not, she is a musical genius and one of the best in this century. 

I don't really hold her responsible for her fan base's actions, but I do agree, I don' t think she has done enough to temper their fury. I too find it reprehensible that her "anti-bully" and "anti-gay" campaign is the foundation of her empire, but her fan base launches some of the vilest examples of what she advertises and claims to be vehemently against. She has no more control over people's actions (her fan base) but I do believe she should denounce what they are doing and take responsibility if she really wants to have credibility.     

I have seen her 3 times and I can attest, her fan base is NOT crazy, at least what I have witnessed at the concert. Her messages are consistent. I DO think she is sincere in what she preaches. I know people can fool you and I like many, find a genuine thread in Gaga. She always reminds the audience of where she came from, how thankful she is, what struggles she shares with so many, and has never been boastful or arrogant. I worry if success will weed out these traits, probably the second most attractive thing about her (the first, her music prowess and true performer's talent). 

To compare an artist like Madonna to Gaga is very premature. Just wait another 2 years and then stack up Gaga's career against Madonna. I may be very wrong, but I would make a sizable wager that Lady Gaga will dethrone Madonna. Gaga is a true musician and this "character" is all part of her genius. She has created a mystifying persona, one that we all can't wait to find out "what is next". Don't get so caught up in the "reality" and take things so literal. Her whole image and creation is all part of the genius. I love "Gaga" and have no idea how much of this character the public sees representative of what she is truly like in her day to day affairs. Every one of us understand this. We ALL do this. We are different at school, at work, at home with our family, friends, lovers, etc.... Gaga is no different and 'we" the fans aren't either.