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this is bull. there was no pressure to buy multiple songs or to hit replay, the fans decided that themselves because they are dedicated. Yes this song hasn't hit it off the way her past singles have but it is still doing amazing success and the rest of the album will be another one of gagas great works. even if your not a gaga fan you have to admit she is smart, talented and really knows how to mold pop culture and fashion ( think of it she wore pointy nails before anyone else, thorns tooth and it came in style next season, mint and it came in style next season, studs and now grunge is in high fashion, she got bangs and EVERYONE got bangs, she changed what mainstream music was when she released pokerface before that it was more hip hop pop ) she knows that she is doing if you like it or not. listen to her interviews the amount of thought and research that goes into her music and her videos is incredible. I didn't like her that much untill i found out how much of an artist she is. not many celebs write there music, art direct and direct there videos, write there videos, design there clothes and co coreograph there performances. not only that but she stands for something. she is everything