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gurl you stupid the pony tail thing Madonna did First Lady gagas version was a bootleg reductive version. Pony tails in general Britney did in her first video nice try. She asked her fans to play a playlist of her video to get views. She is only doing ok because of those views not because people are buying her second class "Girl Gone Wild" song.  She is a carbon copy of all the true musical greats before her she hasn't molded anything that's a delusion she's made up in her head and her delusional fans 15 and under. Bangs sweety your dumber than I thought Beyonce had bangs in her last videos. Choreograph? You mean holding eachother by the leg and hop on one foot. Check out Beyonce, Rihanna, Britney and Janet for real choreography!! Lady gaga is a one album wonder her videos are nothing to brag so I wouldn't go there. Everything about her from her clothes to her fake accent is all MADONNA and Madonna does it better