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Hi now before I'm hung upside down. I'd like to address the issue is not that GaGa isn't talented she clearly is. 


please stop with the "victim" act, please stop with the "Im an artiste" attitude you have going on these days. Please stop with your twitter rants and asking us to buy multiple copies of the same song for your benefit. I am a college student can barely afford tuition let alone buy multiple copies with receipts just to meet which by the if I had the money I'd totally love to meet you. Please stop with the Madonna, David Bowie, Britney any referenced where people can say " your copying" because I'm sick of having to defend you then end up looking like an obsessed maniac. Please stop making weird songs and get back to making them fun . Please stop being so serious and just dance. Nothing of your sounds scream deep so why not have fun! I want to love you again :( I want to feel like I did when I'd hear Your older songs