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Gagas little monstards are always picking on other people for liking anyone who is not gaga instead they should be picking this zits all over their faces because last time I checked that's the kind of fans she draws in. Britney doesn't write her own material, frank Sinatra , Janet or Tina Turner and each one is an icon. Do you need to write your own music nope it's how you sing I mean just Look at Britney and Janet they can't sing for shit but I'd pay top dollar to see them just like Rihanna! Diamond, Shut and Drive, Ponde Replay, Umbrella, disturbia, Stay, only girl in the world, S&M,you da One, We Found Love, What's my name, Fly, Man down boo boo the list goes on and on and on with Rihanna.. Gaga you can't say the same. The girl is a #flop