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I couldnt agree more. She made so much hype about Applause before its release. Interviews, Tweets, a countdown on Facebook... Well the song comes out and its mediocre. Anyone who bought the single should have every right to feel duked. It clearly wasn't released in the interest of a good listen but rather for promotional purposes. In interviews she quotes "this", "applause/ARTPOP" is music for the fans. Music that they will love. The star who released Just Dance and Bad Romance knows what a good single sounds like. Applause is simply not up to par and to promote it as such is not much less than fraudulence. She's clearly a very talented person so when I say that I believe she can and should have released something better I don't think it's too critical.

It's slightly offensive to be honest. She's sought with every demographic of the people in the world in a questionable ingenuine attempt to connect with them and create a larger fan base. Shes a marketing genius. That i'll give her. It' a necessary skill for a pop star aiming at the top spot but when she turns to social media to invite her fans to help dummy the charts in promotion of her new single I think she crosses a line. It should be no surprise to Gaga that Applause isn't doing as well as expected. It's not that good of song to the fans standards or what many thought hers might have been. 

 Gaga is who she is and she has every right in the world but if leading turns to misleading it's not acceptable. I urge anyone who relates this to consider buying the album.​ The seemingly incessant need to plug for fans, sales, and ratings is getting old. The singel is an over-pormoted and insufficient pop tease to a now questionable album. I've been a huge fan of much of Lady Gagas work but can't help note it all seems less and less sincere (the Interviews, the promotion, and ultimately the music!)  As a consumer in the spirit of good sincere music I won't be buying her new album (unless swayed by something signigicant) I'd urge the same form anyone who relates anyone who realates to any of this.