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Now, I'm an exhibitionist, done porn, still occasionally do XTube vids, do erotic modeling so I obviously have no shame about my body. However, there is a VIOLATION here.

In my XTube videos where I am with someone else, my playmates are fully aware of a camera being on them, that I was going to upload them to XTube, Pornhub, or whatever tube site I pleased after editing their faces to not be shown, and write about our tryst on my blog withholding  their names, UNLESS they stated otherwise.

So there is a right and wrong way to do this, and these women did it WRONG if they took even one photo and posted it without consent. For according to how these pics were acquired,  they were most likely NOT taken with any kind of public viewing in mind. So these women clearly have some power issues that they need a couch trip to get over.