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You're right! - It is "Matt"; Not "Tom".- Sorry.-


I am ONLY going by what the two actors have said about themselves...nothing else.-

I am NOT repeating gossip...I am going by what the two actors have said about themselves.(check out the web links I provided)-

Besides...Did You know that there are STILL people who do NOT believe Elton John nor Neil Patrick Harris nor Anderson Cooper nor Ricky Martin nor George Takei nor Nate Berkus nor Jim Nabors nor Clive Barker nor Alan Cumming nor Tabb Hunter nor Lance Bass nor Steve Grand are gay?!

I am NOT spreading gossip...I am going by what EACH person (respectively) has said ABOUT THEMSELVES.-

Some people STILL do Not believe that Rock Hudson, Raymond Burr, Freddie Mercury and Liberace were gay.-

It really does not matter when, where or how these people "came out".-

People are going to believe what they want to believe...whether it's the Documented proof (such as the actor actually saying it) or not.-

As for Dominic Purcell stating that he was "certain Wentworth Miller was not gay because he wanted a family and kids"...

What's wrong with a GAY man wanting a "Family and kids"?!

I, personally, know MANY GAY Men who have a "Family and kids".-

"Having a Family and kids" is NOT limited to the heterosexual Community.-

GEEZ, people!!

If You were to keep Up-To-Date on Current Events, perhaps You wouldn't be so surprised when something like this (Wentworth Miller declining Russian invitation) happens.-

IF ANYONE has ANY doubts about the sexuality of the guys I've listed above, just check it out.-

Do Not take My word for it.-

If You do not believe what I say, just look it up.-