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MORE CONFUSED NOW THAN EVER.  It seems Russia is still side stepping the issue and clarification.  But then what can you expect from the current government in that country. Instead of moving the country forward it is taking it backwards.   All the people of Russia did is trade one Controlling form of government for another. What amazes me the most is that the World is so shocked by Russia's new legislation and it's timing.  Honestly, I can't believe that they didn't see this coming?  This was all strategicly planned by the Russian Government after winning the Sochi location for the 2014 Winter Olympics.  The new so called "Propagand Law concerning Homosexuals" was approved by Russia close enough to the games that it would make it almost impossible for the IOC to change locations last minute.   I would hope the IOC would grow a pair and point blank demand clarification.  What is the IOC afraid of when it comes to Russia? What hold does Russia have over the IOC?  Is the IOC's lack of action due to the fact that one of the "Presidential hopefuls of the IOC" is from Russia?  What?  There is a lot of clarification that needs to come from both sides.  I have been an avid viewer of the Winter Olympics since I was a child.  Every time the Winter Olympics happened I was glued to the TV.   This TIME I will not be watching.  The world is outraged at the actions taken by the Russian Government against its LGBT citizens and lack of involvement protecting them from the rest of the citizenry.   The 2014 Winter Olympics and the IOC have been given a black eye by Russia. 

Wake the H*** up IOC!!!!!!!!!!