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There are a lot of loving and caring glbt folks working in social services, especially child welfare. They are uniquely equipped to connect with children like Jed who are outside of society, and are consider not 'normal'. There are many families just like this one who quietly are changing children's lives one at a time. For anyone at this point in our knowledge of human behavior, attachment, and what a child needs to thrive, to suggest that glbt families are somehow inferior is pure stupidity. Who better to teach a child compassion than a father who wasn't accepted by society just as he was? A child how to love themselves than a father who had been through self loathing for years because he grew up being told that he was wrong, evil, sinful, and sick. The thing that will change our society the most is the child rearing practices of our families. For a glbt person to adopt a special needs to child they have to go through extensive interviews, training, back ground checks, and the agency involved would have known them for months prior to any child placement in their home. If only every child could have parents who have as much training and took as much time and concern as they did to raise their children as these we wouldn't be living where children grow into teens who commit suicide, where bullying is at an all time high, and where they grow into adults who commit heinous crimes against other humans. I was a gestational carrier (surrogate) for a gay couple 5 times. They have a beautiful family with three girls and a boy, all who have every opportunity any child could ever want. If for no other reason, we need to accept that glbt families are normal, healthy and good for children, so that more kids like Jed will be healed and able to contribute positively to our society. A child who has never known love really could care less what the sexual orientation of the person who finally loves and accepts them is. Why should anyone else?