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In a certain way I agree with her... now everybody feels the need to say something about pop music and in general it's ok, but most of the times it's just to say bad things and throw away trash about the artist or the performer, the biggest example its in the comments of youtube, if you enter to any video of a pop star, there are always comments with an agression a comparison or some hate, that in my very own opinion it's sad... you can have your opinion but if it is not something constructive keep it to yourself, the negativity will not help the artist to reach the point where we as an audience will love to and deserve. In her particular case when she has a new single, the first comment always is "Madonna did it before, or Britney is better, or she is so ugly..." well for me each artist it's unique and maybe somebody did something similar before but it's ok, because its pop... just as simple ... at the end of the day I'm thankfull for the music that every artist do, so I can have a song for every moment in my life :P