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Wasn't Born This Way supposed to be just as revolutionary and the album of the decade? It wasn't an album of the year either. This is what happens when "talentless musicians" take the stage. They need shock value in order to make up for how mediocre they are musically. Lady Gaga is the epitome of filth. She's nothing but a role model for women with no self-esteem, and she believes everything she does is out of "art." Everyone knows she's NOT a new age Madonna or Cher. Not even close to Donna Summer. There's so many trends in this world, and she'll just be the flavor of the year. Then of course, there will be another piss poor self-proclaim musician that will come in and take her spot light making 90s- tampon- advert song again and again and calling it ..."art". Lets just hope this happens soon. Say no to this "Kim Kardashian" of music and Gaga's “artistic vision" seems to be researching and copying other entertainers". Sad isn't it?