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His replacement HAS already been announced and inked a contract with "DAYS" and He is Drew Garrett, Who very briefly played Michael on "General Hospital," before being replaced with Chad Duell...  I feel very bad for You "DAYS" Fans, as Drew was not a very good Actor, and definitely not compared to Chandler!!!  Hopefully Chandler is offered a contract to play Lukas Jones on "GH" now...  Lukas is a character Who has been off screen for several years, living in Seattle with His Mother Bobbie Spencer, due to return in the next couple of months...  I have watched Chandler as Will over on "Days" about twice a month or so, and He is a great Actor...  Whatever happens, I know that Chandler will move on to bigger and better things, and the Producers at "DAYS" will be sorry for their treatment and blindsiding of Chandler...