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"Krasovsky believes the solution lies in honest discussions. “We should help Russian gays, and educate straight Russians: They should be told that gays are neither brutes nor maniacs, but Olympic champions. There is hatred of gay people because of ignorance. Ignorant people should be taught.”

He wants to talk about what gays are like to straight Russians.  Yet, under the law, he can't do that, legally.  He lost his job for trying that.  So his solution isn't workable. 

Also he wants to teach straight Russians.  Wonderful.  However, there is a world of difference between "teaching" and "learning."  People who hate minorities, often don't learn what is being taught. 

And having a kiss-in at the Games, even if it were permitted, would be great.  But it would only last for the Olympics and then back to gay bashing as usual.

I don't think Krasovsky's ideas will work - at least not for 50 years or so.