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She just wants to sell records and increase her fan base !!!

So she's a pig, and she's made her fans pigs - is there something there I'm missing, beyond the obvious? She's made a career out of recycling others (like Lennox and Madonna - which is even sadder, considering that Madonna also recycled the ideas of others) and just being shocking for the sake of shocking - really, it's not far removed from the tactics of people like Courtney Stodden. Sure, Gaga can sing, and she can write a catchy chart tune, but I'm a lot more impressed by the artists who don't have to hide behind costumes - Whitney could just walk out and sing. Adele can just sing, Winehouse really didn't need the beehive and the makeup. And for anyone who saw Shirley Bassey's performance at the Oscars - that's a performer who owns the stage she's on. I guess I'm just more into music than theatricality, if I'm not at a musical. Sure, people can wear pig noses and listen to whatever they like, but it is pop after all, so let's not pretend it's deeper than it really is. Her poor justification of the meat dress pretty much summed up for me the lack of depth of thought. I wouldn't put her name in the same sentence as Warhol, who also did what he did 50 years ago. She wishes she were Warhol.