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Message to International Healing Foundation:

To Whom It May Concern:

As a Christian leader, I will be keeping an ear out for developing news of your mission and your progress.

Although you may feel that your intentions are good, your mission is based on a lie--if you truly believe your stated purpose that human sexuality is a choice that can be ended.

I will urge those both within and without the church to monitor your activities and encourage you to stay transparent and honest, Since your starting premise is a lie, however, your mission can have only one of two possible outcomes: 1) It will inevitably fail, and you will graciously accept this as God having closed a door so that He may open a new window of opportunity for you; or, 2) Your enterprise will inevitably begin to crumble upon its sandy foundation, and through pride, you will begin to manufacture untruths to cover up your lies and failures, and of course, to continue to keep "God hates Fags" money flowing into your bank accounts.

In any case, God bless. I will include you in my daily prayers that you may come to know God's love and forgiveness.

Tim V. Johnson