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I have no comment for him!!  He is just as shallow minded as most ppl and for him to preach hate over the airwaves just shows how little of a man he truly is!  Yes I'm 100% GAY and I believe in GOD while heartedly!!!  So what does that make me??   I guess in his eyes I'm not a Christian then???  Well guess what mr "so called pastor" it's not your eyes that will be judging me on my final day so why don't you just go sit down and quit being such a hypocrite!!!  Ugh!  All we want is the same rights that anyone else has, my fiancé and I have been together for 3 yrs now and all we want is to be able to have a wedding with our family n friends and confess our LOVE for each other in front of them.  Our family and friends support us and that's what truly matters!!