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Oh cry me a river, you don't even know how they are going to do, they may pull off the characters amazingly and you're going to miss out because they aren't exactly what you wanted, you guys need to calm your tits, obviously people wanted these two for a reason, including the Author of the book, they are probably her vision of the characters, the vision that actually counts, and you're going to write off the movie, wow. Charlie has a great body and if you look at him with short hair he looks like he would be the perfect Christian and I don't know about Dakota but she has the soft features that Ana would have, she is pretty but she isn't exotically gorgeous she is the perfect level of beautiful to be Ana, and do you guys honestly think Alexis would pay a role like that, she has always been the good girl, I don't think being naked and moaning and begin tied up is really her thing. No petition is going to change the cast. My goodness, people.