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GG, there are lots of theories why Chandler is no longer on the show but I can tell you that as far as anyone knows he is straight. Chandler has taken part in Gay Pride parades, participated in the NoH8 campaign and anti bullying campaigns. Chandler is from what I've been told us a very kind and sweet genuine young man who appreciates his fans and stands with them in the struggle for equality. So his leaving had nothing to do with his character Will being gay or straight. 

As for Freddie Smith who plays Sonny, Will's partner he is also straight. And has been in a long term relationship with a beautiful actress Alyssa Tabit. I had the great pleasure of meeting him at a fan event, yeah I'm a soap geek, anyway when I met Freddie I thought what others said about him also was that he is a genuinely nice and kind young man. He too participated in the NoH8 campaign and other anti bullying campaigns. 

You can follow Chandler and his band And Still I Rise on Twitter @andstillirise and Facebook And watch Freddie on the web series he cowrote and produced Addicts Anonymous. 

Guy Wilson I understand that he is straight also. 

And as for the character Bo. I couldn't say what us up with him. But here is a link to the latest I read about him. 

I hope that helped.