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I don't think the soap is going to make Will straight.  I think that would be very difficult given the s/l that's in it and how much time and energy this writing staff has invested in his coming out story.  It's one thing to age an actor w/ a new one or make them someone else's kid but it's completely different to change their sexuality.  That's like trying to change a character's skin color.  I think the writers are smarter than that...barely...but they are.

What I'd like to see is for Will and Sonny to start acting like young people!  For the love of Pete I'm sick to DEATH of seeing them stuck in that house babysitting that child and arguing with Gabi about Nick.  WHO CARES?!?!  Give them an adventure.  That's what it's going to take to develop chemistry between this new actor and Freddie Smith.  I also hope that Freddie has better chemistry with this new actor than he did with Chandler.  This might also open the door for a return of the uber-sexy Brian who was wayyyyyyy better chemistry and storywise for Freddie than Chandlar.