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Im 25. I'm negative. I've also slept with over 500 men. I am what a lot of people in my own gay community call, a slut. Chances are you'd look at me and think I wasn't this sexuall active, dressed as a businessman, or maybe even straight. But I have taken notes from our ancestors, and I am SO EXTREMELY grateful for what I have learned. I can not imagine what it must have been like in that time period. How heartbreaking and difficult to not understand. I have learned, however, that sex can be fun, most certainly, but I also believe it is God's gift to us to express a deeper intamacy and love to another person with more intensity than words. Growing up Mormon, when the flood gate I allowed open, I let it all in. (hence my number of sexual partners.) But I knew, as insatiable as my thirst was, to be careful. To use a condom. To ask questions to my potential partners. And to ALWAYS BE SAFE. And this I credit, to a few people who were open and audible about their status as positive. SO THANK YOU.