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When I was a teenager I had a straight male friend who was my partner in crime and he loved women he's never had any desire in men but being so close and sharing experiences only him and I would ever feel made us feel closer and in the heights of our drug fueled euphoric adventures we have had moments where we made out and expressed our affection for each other all while there being a given understanding that it wasn't like a romantic  I'm you've turned me gay let's get married and adopt kids thing, but more like brothers who have nothing else to hide from each other and can be open and share everything together. 

 Now when I think about kissing my twin brother it grosses me out, but we aren't that close. My siblings are all bastards. But I do imagine these two brothers having what my friend and I had on this day. I think it's beautiful and I don't think it's about flesh and pleasures of the flesh its more about love and there's so many ways to love and sex is a way to physically express that love. I think it's more about what that love is based on that makes it weird or makes it beautiful and I think in this case it is beautiful and secretly most who finds it erotic I think understands what I am saying and find it erotic because of what I am saying. 

 There is so much to life that isn't being discovered or lived or felt because we are inhibited by societal ideals and are afraid to open up and live in the moment free of judgement. If you go with what feels right you'll find in most cases it was only ever wrong because others who couldn't understand it attached their own negative connotations to it.