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Of course it doesn't really matter what you call yourself or what you feel yourself to be.  If your DNA is male, then you are a man.  You may be a man who wants to be a woman, and is willing to deprive himself of sexual pleasure by castrating himself, but what he becomes is a castrated male, not a woman.  Similarly for people with a female DNA.  You can want to be a male, and feel yourself to be a male, but you can never be a male.  You can never feel the way a male feels, since you will never have functioning male genitalia.  Sex is so very powerful and one's male or female body has evolved genetically in the species to maximize sexual pleasure either through female or through male genitalia, and, one might also say, a male or female brain. There are always exceptions in genetics, but generally sexual differentiation holds true for mammalian species.  That's not true for all animal species, of course.  Females can turn into males and vice-versa, but that doesn't not happen biologically for the species homo sapiens.