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He presents as a very hairy, handsome and kinda fey FTM. Not an authentic alpha male at all. My man-dar is not going off! Pretty and not truly manly. 

Since we know that he has a vagina and needs to be on hormones, we know it's not quite authentic, though. Like an extended performance on stage. The anxiety must be awful to always need to be 'on' and I don't wish that on anyone. But I supposed it's better than living as an authentic butch woman? I don't know.

Stop the hormones for a few months, and all that goes away but the vagina stays. The biology does not lie and all these SJW types in denial over that scientific fact are off their collective PC rockers. He is definitely cute, but I would never see him as 100% male, in particular for sex or a relationship. That's not transphobic either, it's just pro-cock. I didn't struggle for same sex rights since the 80's so I could go down on a vagina again. I would be completely turned off by that, no matter how hairy the chest. While this is not for me, I am sure lots of people out there would love to love this cute boy and all the power to them.

He's definitely a winner in the looks department but the plumbing is a deal breaker for me and for science. Be offended if you like, boys, but we know you're thinking the same thing. You're gay because you like cock. Politics should not interfere with desire.