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And to piggy back on this, I am a Woman but I'm also transgender. They are both parts of myself. I will always be a woman but I will also always be transgender. Though my identity as a woman will always match a cis woman's identity my experience will always be different. No matter how much I may look or act the same as a cis woman I will always get hate from a large population who will never look at me as anything but a man if they know I'm transgender. Also, I will never have a period and I can never stop taking hormones my entire life. My transition will never "end" and my experiences are completely unrelatable to cisgender women even though our identities are not. Also, transitioning takes a lot of courage and usually a lot of support. Letting others know we are trans can help them in their transition as well as us in ours. A sense of community for a very hard process if you will. I really hope this helps!