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I bully no one.  But I can see if you are heavily invested in your own emotional state, it must seem that way to you; but I assure you, I only state simple common sense.  Nobody--nobody--gets to force other people to their way of thinking.  And when that way of thinking violates ordinary scientific facts, then that thinking should get called out for what it is.  A human being does not get to decide sex, except in utero.  To the extent to which gender is a social construction, where is the "social"?  "Social" means people, and how you present yourself certainly provides biological and cultural markers for your sex.  If you are a man who likes to dress up as a woman, that is is just fine with me.  But dressing as a woman, even if the "dress" includes surgical alternation, as in the case of Bruce Jenner, such changes do not change a person's sexual identity. 

Actually I don't like to use the term "gender" outside of grammar topics, because cultural and social factors play so much a part of gender.  But that's the rub:  one person does not decide his gender, because gender is a social construction.  Everyone gets to have an opinion and nobody gets to legislate those opinions.  If you castrate yourself in hopes of becoming a gender female, more power to you, but you are not a woman.  The more "gender" becomes detached from biology, the more subjective, the more arbitrary and meaningless the term becomes:  that's what "social construction" means in this context.