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It is just disgusting....... This murderer will be getting more than kisses blown at him in prison, and I hope he gets "blown" repeatedly!

This is a huge problem not just in NYC, but in society and dare I say, Mankind! For centuries, people have been brainwashed to believe things in a certain way, and to some people, deviating for that particular norm is not only blasphemous, but is a personal affront to their very self. Men who are comfortable in their own skins and their own sexuality do NOT react this way, and definitely do not react with murderous intentions. I truly believe that Steven Torres (a.k.a. Murdering Scum IMO), is one of those deeply rooted psychotic self hating closeted homosexuals that would react in the way that he did..... And unfortunately there are a lot of them out there, they just haven't killed anyone...... yet.