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So here's the thing, a minority group can't desire full acceptance into the majority but on the other hand be mad about when a mainstream person sends them a cultural nod their way. Sure, do people try too hard to show their support and acceptance? Yes. Might this be one of those cases? Yes. Is it exploitation? Absolutely not.

As gays, many of us constantly cloak our speech and gestures in the safety of heteronormative conventions. But now someone (Britney Spears in this case) is making what's normal for many of us gays, a normalcy for the mainstream. And she's being accused of exploiting us? That's unfair and wrong. It would be exploitation if she hated us or if she never acknowledged the kind of presence the gay community has had in her career. But this is not the case. She is on record, numerous times, showing her acceptance and appreciation for us. We can't scorn all the a-holes who passively (or aggressively) promote homophobia in their music but then cry exploitation when someone wants to be in our club.

But think about this, the phrase "work" as it is so oft used today was something I grew up hearing my (Black) female family members say decades ago.  It didn't just materialize into the gay lexicon because Ru Paul said so. Does that mean all the gays who adopted this phrase into their lives are exploiting Black women? By Mykki's logic, yes. But by mine, I just think imitation is the highest form of flattery, even if the imitation is a little bit much.