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Islam, like Christianity, is CRUELTY.  When two informed consenting adults are together sexually there is no victim- there is no crime or violation.  Oh- you say YOUR "God" and YOUR "religion" are violated??  First- who appointed you the "bedroom police"?  Do you spy on people in their bedrooms on a regular basis?  Who's the pervert- the one having sex, or the one watching them through peepholes?  (Did it excite you?)  Second- YOUR religious beliefs are just that- YOURS.  YOU are to follow them- not me, not them, not anyone else in the world for that matter.   Third and last- history has painfully taught us about theocracies: blood runs down the streets when religion rules the masses.  Witch hunts, superstitions, Crusades, Anti-Science, etc.  ALL scientific advancement ceases including medicine, social interests, education, art, exploration, etc.  If YOUR religious beliefs do not include having same sex attractions, then don't have sex with someone of the same sex.  YOUR religious beliefs do not have any power over me, them, or anyone else in this great big world of OURS.  Do you understand that?  YOUR beliefs do not have any power over ME.  YOUR beliefs do not extend to anyone but YOU.  PERIOD.  Keep your beliefs in your home and church, temple, synagogue, whatever... but out of the general space we all SHARE because we're all here together.  Keep it OUT of the government.  History has taught us that too- in blood.