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What's wrong with beauty? I think it's just natural to use handsome and well-built men as models.

Likewise, should restaurants serve 'Average Joe' food? Should only average people be allowed to university? Should museums buy art from average artists only? Should the olympics consist of average sportsmen, etc? I hope not. 

I thought we only had this flair for mediocrity here in Scandinavia ... 

I never liked the Calvin Klein-style images, though. They look like porn for women - oiled-in, sweaty and exaggerated. Obviously, male underwear ads are aimed at women who choose their partners' underwear. I don't understand why men will tolerate this, but I am gay anyway ...

David Beckham is a real person, isn't he? You are beginning to see he is not young any more. I think the fact that he is still used as a model proves that the fashion industry is not so narrow-minded any more. At least not when it comes to male models. Unfortunately, they still use mostly uniform and skinny female models.