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I personally find it fascinating when cultures mash together.  The points made in the comments were most interesting:

1 - what is appropriate behavior?

2 - is stereotyping ok?  If the police area allowed to do it, why can't we - average everyday citizens - do it?

3 - is it ok to verbalize or otherwise state what label we give to people?  Some mentioned that blacks, asians, mexicans, or other terms used to describe race, creed, color, gender, sexuality, and so forth is either appropriate or inappropriate.

4 - why does the restaurant not use table and seat numbers for descriptions vs allowing anything to be written into the description section of the bill?

5 - why is the bill used in the kitchen as the order form? Usually most places have two different forms / formats for that.  The bill is printed specifically for the customer, while the order form is used in the kitchen. Both contain the order, but different information formats / layouts

6 - should metro sexuals be labeled gay?

7 - if people don't wish to be judged, why are they allowing their emotions surrounding this event to cause them to judge the server, the restaurant, and the 2 men?  

From my perspective .. events, facts, feelings, emotions, judgments, experiences, beliefs, actions .. seem to be unseparatable in both the article and comments posted.  Each individual sees different facts, has different emotions based on their beliefs - which are based on their experiences, arrives at different judgments and conclusions and takes different actions.  It's an interesting conversation about right and wrong.