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Hmmm...the guy clearly dis likes Gays. And thinks women have a place to be. And Clearly this guy THINKS most "Men" feel the same. Men need to have a "Little woman". Well here`s ans Idea. Ya stupid fool! MOST women want to rip the Nuts OFF of "men" like you. And Gay MEN look at your sad ass and wonder...where the HELL did God Go Wrong with YOU??! Your pasta was just boiled and drained in my house...and I tossed it out for the Chickens to eat. And the rest will go on my Compost pile. Your little "blue box" will NEVER come into my house again. (No Matter HOW MUCH butt kissing and Back Peddleing yous do.) Thank God male who think your way and are a dropping number. I would rather Have a GAY FAMILY in my home. THEM YA KNOW have the kids because they LOVE them and want them to have A GREAT LIFE! LOVE is the MOST Important thing. And that Jack ass does NOT get it. (I hope it HITS HIM HARD in the Bank!)