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"Should be there a legal OBLIGATION for HIV + people to notify of their status?" !!!!!! Your argument is not logic, it is so irrelevant and fascist. The obligation must be mutual in get involved in sexual safe practices. I have been -sexually- with a lot of men and women, and I must assume they are HIV + in order to protect myself; it sounds cruel but that's the way it is. For instance, years ago I had sexual intercourse with a random guy (of course we use condoms); after we finished he told me he as hurry because he had to go to some drugstore nearby... I had that feeling... you know?... And I asked to him if he was going to buy some retrovirals, and he said: "Yes, I'm going to"; and I said to him: "That's cool, it's good to maintain the treatment"; and say goodbye to each other, and I give him a hug. I don't deny that after that encounter I was kinda freak out, but rationally (again) that's the way things are. One must to be responsible, but nobody has any obligation if the protection is used. There is something called Freedom. (Sorry my english, it's not my primary language).