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But at least now you realize it's all numbers and you make it clear you don't know them and haven't done the math (yet still boldly and ignorantly declare it's an easy decision).

What's the risk of transmission in Situation A?  1%? .001%? .00001%?  What's the % of people lying or ignorant about their status in Situation B? 5%? 10%? 50%?  And what's the risk of transmission from those people? 1%? 2%? 3%? 10%?  Now try multiplying those numbers together so you can properly compare risks between people who disclose they're positive and those that don't.

If HIV+ people in Situation B are twice as contagious but 1/2 as numerous than the risk is EXACTLY the same between the two groups.  I have no idea if those numbers are right for your situation, and you've made it clear that neither do you.

At least we agree on consistent condom usage - that's something that will truly reduce your risk, unlike your internally inconsistent and illogical rule about who you'll sleep with.  Thanks for the discussion.