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Actually, Menolike is right to be annoyed,as am I. You are the one with the problem for being willing to settle. For there is a big difference between "nude" and "partial nude". Wording is EVERYTHING, and REAL writers know that.

Your willingness to settle for that pic in the link as "nude" just shows your willingness to comply with stereotypical American repression over nudity. Either that, or you're the common older guy. For in my experience in porn and discussion moderating on porn and sexuality, I've noticed that guys 40+ are most often inclined to settle for anything titillating put in front of them. Acting like it's the last porn on earth, even if it's just a shirtless pic (maybe) showing ONE strand of pubic hair.

I find this shameful, not just because I'm an American. But also because I'm 42.