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I personally know this band and there are a few things the singer J.P. apparently has failed to disclose. First, they are not a punk band. They play '80s hair metal. They have been trying unsuccessfully to book shows in California and have tried every publicity stunt in order to try to get a record deal. They first hoped that getting fat, drunk girls to dance on stage would get them noticed- it didn't work. They pestered the San Francisco sex worker's alliance to play their event so they could be associated with sex. That was also unsuccessful. Their last female bassist quit when she realized as the only female, they expected her to live up to their wannabe-rock star antics of getting laid. Their new bassist is "try-sexual", as in she tries out making out with women in front of men at concerts and parties so that guys think she is "hot." Then they opened their free "porn site" full of photos of their female drunk friends who couldn't get hired due to their out-of-shape physiques and lack of modeling experience. None of these women are paid and only receive free alcohol during these "photo shoots." The new female bassist decided she wasn't getting enough attention being "try-sexual" so J.P. convinced her she might get noticed by people if she "masturbated" in front of the Westboro Baptist Church. In reality, this was not a risky endeavor. There were no cops across the street or security guards or church members watching, contrary to J.P.'s "press release" that he wrote from his bedroom. No one was around which is why they were not at any risk of being jailed. Laura (the bassist) spent 5 minutes attempting to look like she was really into the prospect of touching her pasty white body in front of J.P. and the other creepy members of the band. Then they ran off like children having just pulled a prank in school. It was not a porn they shot. J.P.'s website is not a "porn site." The series of awkward pictures of Suicide Girls rejects isn't enough to get a rise out of the biggest sex predators around. J.P. has attempted to build a "sleazy" image for the band since no one in California liked their music or went to their shows. He also claims he is a bounty hunter for a living, yet works no more than 2 days every few months, receiving financial assistance from his parents, which is why he has the time to dream up publicity stunt after publicity stunt in an attempt to get noticed. This man has repeatedly creeped out women by touching them inappropriately without their consent, which I have witnessed. He likes to claim he does cocaine, including on his "porn page" by saying, "...because we can't sell cocaine," to explain why he started a "porn" site. In actuality, he does not do cocaine at all and is morally against people using drugs, having harrassed and kicked out a former band member for his occasional drug use. J.P. is desperate for attention and this time is pulling out all the stops to try again to get notoriety for being a "player" and surrounding himself with other attention-hungry, drunk females. However this sad ploy for attention will still not assist them in getting a record deal which people have told him on his Facebook account, but he is adamant this stunt is "The One." People in California are very tired of his antics and trying to force people to hear his band's terrible music, for example, by posting it in the background of the try-sexual, untalented bass player's creepy Pee Wee Herman-esque video. The California punk community all hopes he stops claiming his band is "punk" since it brings a bad name to the community.