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I'm sorry to hear Sinead has suffered mental illness in the past. Any serious illness is hard to over come but mental illness can be devastating and Sinead is right, it was not decent to use that part of her life as a tool for vengeance. I am glad it seems Sinead knows that and can rise above it. 

 Almost all teen stars have suffered a form of mental or emotional distress, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan being extreme examples, so I think Sinead has a point to her saying. 

 Miley is just a new generation of teen stars and I think people should not be so harshly critical while she explores that. She is being a hoe but we don't need to judge her so harshly that it humiliates her and shuts her down. Without exploration there is no creativity. Maybe after this phase she will find herself realize what a slut she was and become a great artist.