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My annoyance at this point has to be directed at Miley.

Both of her responses to Sinead were juvenile. I mean, come on. To first compare her to Amanda Bynes (which is outrageous, considering this woman is an intelligent and talented mature lady) and then to use the 'fame' card by expressing how busy she is is just sickening!

My annoyance also is directed at the people who are commenting saying Sinead is just trying to garner fame and attention... We don't know that? Is it so hard to believe that a famous person MIGHT just be genuinely concerned for young woman whom she believes is lost in the music industry and propagating the most positive message for young teenage girls? Christ! Have some manners. And if anyone is going to be that kind of genuine person, it's Sinead.

Lastly, I have to say that I have to agree completely with Sinead's latest open letter to Miley. Someone needs to be telling her this stuff! I'm sorry, whether she thinks it or not, she is an anti-female tool used by the chauvinistic  music industry as was Britney in her day. Women like them are used for their bodies to make tons of money for the industry. Sinead is one clever cookie.