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Giacamo, I am not sure you understand the definition of "condone." Your post does indeed condone her bigoted behavior. And I did not judge her on an article. I formed an opinion of her based on a video of words that she spoke while looking into a camera. Before you suggest I be ashamed of myself, realize that you are defending a woman who laughed about how a dead kid needed a kick in the butt. She did not go to his parents when she admittedly knew he was in danger. She did not try to help him. She showed him no kindness. And in her own words, she could see herself in the position of the killer. Do you have kids? Do you want them taught by a woman who, if she disagreed with them, could see herself as their murderer?? Is this what Jesus taught?

A kid is dead. Another is in prison for 21 years. This woman could have made a positive difference for both of them. Instead, she contributed to the environment that destroyed these children.