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The only reason he cares now is because he is losing money. He cares about his lost sales, not about gay people. Just like chick-fil-a, the Barilla anti-gay image is now burned in my consciousness and when I shop I just instinctively avoid it. The brand is tarnished. Really bad marketing.  I've noticed there's less of it on the shelves these days anyway. There is a price to be paid for bigotry. God knows gay people have paid a huge price just for being who they are for decades, centuries now. Pasta is flour and water. This old guy just figured out gay people eat. And there are a lot of us. I think it's time they learn to know how it feels to be unwanted in society. We don't want your friggin bigotted noodles. Get it? You opened your mouth. You told us what you thought of us. And we don't have to buy your noodles. And we won't. And we won't be bought, either. How are those traditional families working out for you?