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This whole story is so sad on all levels and accidents do happen.  I don't think there is anything not on the level here.  I had a friend who was getting tired and pulled over to sleep on an off ramp.  A trucker was using the same off ramp and not sure if he fell asleep but ended up hitting him and the accident killed him instantly.  Accidents happen.  I learned something and that is if you have to pull over and nap on the ramp, you should use the on ramp instead because speed is slower than coming off a highway.  Truckers should also learn by this that the load you are carrying is not as important as the life or lives you may take and to not drive when you are tired. I agree with those that made the statement that carrying hate over from one terrible situation to another does no good and is the exact opposite of what this walk was all about.  We need a lot more forgiveness in this country and a lot less eye for eye.