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Dude...terrible fucking idea, I mean good for you wanting to destroy the stigma that is sex and being gay and all, and for making a mockery of virginity (let's be honest though it's pretty much a mockery already), but I don't think this is the way to go about doing it.  First unless you're paid to have sex it should be an intimate thing (I understand art's intimate yada yada), but let's look at the facts, most porn stars are emotionally damaged common fact, what kind of impression do you think this will give all the straight people out there of gays (sooo they're emotionally damaged which is why they're gay?).  Second you better have an admirable performance, timing will be critical too long and people will get bored or grossed out (who doesn't switch porn videos every 2-3 minutes?) too short and people will feel like they've been short changed, and you'll probably suffer a bunch of jokes about how quick you are or how small your dick is (unless it's large than..ok).   Not to mention you'll be having sex in front of a bunch of people you KNOW, it's not happening online once and you're over it, no your friends will see it, your family may see it, if you're trying to get a job they might see it, there is really no one you would want to sit down and watch this.  Lastly you're only 19 years old, I get it man you think it's a good idea and it's an expression of something deeply personal to you, hooray for you, but in 5, 10, 30 years when you're sitting there and you're married to some other dude and he brings this up are you really going to be proud of this or will this end up as an embarrassing part of your past that you NEVER speak of.  This is just a huge catastrophe waiting to happen, I hope if you decide to follow through with it you have the intestinal fortitude to ignore all the shit that gets flung your way.